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ADBC are proud of projects their trustees have already accomplished alongside 'The Anders Foundation' in the past and are excited for the future, implementing inspiring plans for ADBC. Learn more about the charity's activities, including; support the charity provides, achievements and how ADBC works to promote this dynamic sport.

"I have achieved the Bronze Achievement medal from my badminton club and have attended regular weekly sessions during my time as a member. The coaches have helped me to develop my skills. I want to continue as a member of the club.

I took part in the Special Olympics in Feb 2020 - I won a medal with my team. I get regular exercise and I can meet my friends every week"

Ronan – Disability Badminton Player


Check out disability badminton tournaments and events in the UK here. Including regular badminton sessions, talent spotting and the Special Olympics


ADBC will encourage people with disabilities to play and enjoy badminton through supporting grassroots projects, promising player support and coach education


A shout out celebrating the achievements of our players, clubs, fundraisers and volunteers in disability badminton!

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Supporting Disability Badminton in the UK

Anders Disability Badminton Charity (ADBC) supports the growth and development of disability badminton throughout the UK, seeking to break down barriers to participation. 

The charity's aim is to secure the longevity of disability badminton and improve the access which disabled individuals have to this exciting sport.

"To encourage people with disabilities to play and enjoy badminton by increasing coaching and education opportunities and supporting them be the best they can be" - ADBC Mission Statement

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