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The charity has been formed with the encouragement and support of Heather Neilsen and Trustees of Anders Foundation Charitable Trust.  The Foundation intends to reduce their active participation over the coming period and it is the intention that ADBC will take forward the superb work by Heather and her team in supporting both disabled players and disability badminton projects.


ADBC will strive to support the development of disability badminton in the UK working closely with other organisations including: badminton clubs, national governing bodies and local sports authorities.  ADBC have the following objectives:

  • Increase participation in grassroots disability badminton

  • Increase and support promising players

  • Increase investment to further educate coaches

  • Support a broad representation across a range of disabilities

If you would like to support the charity by way of a donation, please click on the 'ADBC Donation' button below or 'Contact Us' we would love to hear from you! 

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